Plutus Energy Limited is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Plutus PowerGen plc. 

Plutus Energy

​Plutus Energy is an independent UK energy supplier established to specialise in providing flexible electricity generation to the UK market. They work to provide short-term electricity when national demand is at its peak, ensuring a smooth supply of energy to the country.

Plutus Energy intends to derive revenue through the National Grid's flexible generation scheme. Those who can provide electricity at short notice will be paid a fee for being on standby and then when called upon. Plutus Energy will install and operate electricity generators throughout the country on its partner sites. Such generators will, when operational, be able to be remotely turned on and begin to generate electricity at very short notice.

Flexible generation is a market set for dramatic growth over the next few years. The National Grid predicts that the requirement for flexible generation is likely to double over the next eight years due to the increased reliance on sustainable, yet intermittent, renewable energy.

For a more comprehensive and detailed explanation of Plutus Energy and flexible electricity generation, please see their website here.